Easy Bead  v.

Easy Bead is a software package that will enable you to create your own amazing beadwork patterns.

BeadTool  v.

Even if you've never used beading software before, you'll have no problem unleashing your creativity with BeadTool. Everything you need to design beautiful bead patterns is right there in front of you - presented in an intuitive user interface.


PhotoPearls  v.2.0.1

With PhotoPearls you can create bead patterns of your own digital photos. It's quick to install and easy to use, enabling you to transform any digital images into personalized bead art. The program is suitable for ages 9-99 years.


Your aim is to put at least three bead of one color in a row. But this will not be easy: all game fields (four of them in all) are shaped into bent water pipes, where the multi-colored token should be placed. You will have to sharpen your imagination and

MB Rudraksh And Sun Signs

MB Rudraksh And Sun Signs Software does a free rudraksh and sun sign analysis for you and lets you know the most appropriate rudraksh bead for you, considering your sun sign. This free astrology tool works on the rudraksh by sun sign principles and finds

FCAP Array  v.2.0.0103

FCAP Array is a powerful, scientific analysis software designed for Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) data. The software contains tools for all of the jobs you need to easily and efficiently perform CBA data analysis from start to finish.

Super Hama Designer  v.

Super Hama Designer is a simple software for creating fuse bead

Quartic Oscillator Model  v.1.0

Bead motion simulation. Quartic Oscillator model displays the motion of a bead moving without friction along a horizontal rod, while tied to two symmetric springs. Both the motion of the masses and the phase space plot are shown in the simulation.

Spinning Hoop Model  v.1.0

Movement simulation made easy. Spinning Hoop model displays the model of a bead moving along a hoop which is spinning about its vertical diameter with constant angular velocity ?. Friction is negligible.

Abaci  v.

Abaci offers you two different kinds of abacus for one low price. Abaci's features include: *A 4+1 bead "soroban" and a 5+2 bead "suanpan," 9 columns wide. *Decimal and hexadecimal counting. *Bead colors based on your phone's accent color. Abaci's

Fierce Game Hunting  v.

*** On Sale, for a Limited Time Only! *** A bead of sweat forms on your brow, but you resist the urge brush it off. Prone on the forest floor, ensconced by scrub and foliage, you draw the pristine, cool air into your lungs and hold it there. With

Owari  v.1.4

Owari is a bead game played all across Africa.

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